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Meh Wednesday standard work and a night in the flat.


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Thursday, and a friend from Newcastle was in London which means post work fun. We had a lovely catch up over drinks and dinner and even went home at an reasonable time. Roll on tomorrow. 

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FriYAY, work was the definition of shit so I left at 17:31 I literally don’t care what my boss though. 

But moving on, to the fun part, water polo gals mini reunion. We headed to the Pepper Tree, Clapham Common one of my all time favourite eateries! We aimed for a sophisticated evening, although it was probably the decision to go and watch the rugby that started to untangle the sophiscated element. Of course we ended up in Cafe Sol till the lights came on! Such a fun evening, fuelled by G and T’s and tequila. 

Happy weekend! 

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Started the day with spin class, I mean I suppose I better start taking this training thing seriously.

Work meh, rubbish. 

My new bike seat arrived, opened the box on the tube, eager I know! My bad day was  transformed in an instance when I found a bag of haribo inside with a note! Massive shout out to Wiggle for that, my Tuesday blues were abolished! 

Went for dinner with my friend , hands down the best burger I have ever had, all about the smokewood cheese, hats off the Lighterman, Kings Cross.

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Monday again, how did that happen. Work happened and was over. So last night I had a slight moment of madness, I decided this would be the year I did something different, something new, something that I am unsure I would ever be able to achieve, I signed up for a triathlon, swim serpentine and a mud run. 

I have been toying with the idea ever since I got my bike and they were all tentative goals on my 2017 bucket list – so yeah now there happening! Full of optimism I headed to Battersea Park for a cycle, 21km later I was treated to lasagne at best gals house. All about the carb loading ha, not in full training yet! Will actually have to understand what I have just let myself in for first! 

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Awoken by Mum and a bacon sandwich, remind me again why I don’t just move back here. We went to the shops and had a little spend, who would have thought I would ever have been so excited to go to a cycling shop. Will be queen of the road now in my new fluorescent pink jacket! 

Had dinner with Granny and before I knew it, it was time to head back to the big smoke, London. Torrential rain and a delayed journey back ment one thing home and bed! 

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Made my way back to Teesside to be reunited with the family. Super nice to be home we watched the Boro match and of course we got beat! 

Caught up with my gal pals over cocktails in Boro. I am so old a one point I was on the diet cokes just cause I knew I wanted to make the most of my Sunday ha, priorities! 

A night in my own bed, unbeatable.