It’s the Final Countdown!

Start date for grown up job officially received!! Finding a house, updating my wardrobe from uni scruff bag to work-place acceptable are just the start of my to do list! I suppose I have always been the same I never am actually convinced things are going to happen until they actually do! Sometimes excitement is often overcome by the prospect of delving into the unknown, a new job, a new home which is currently of an unknown location makes people instinctively braver maybe more than they may believe.

Each step taken now is another one confirming the commencement of adult life, beginning to discover answers to life questions and realising that change cant be something that is easily learnt, but is a part of the on-growing process to betterment. The thought of re-packing my belongings in to an array of boxes is currently causing me the most concern. And the thought of even saying goodbye to the dog, well don’t even go there, who is going to finish off my muller yogurts now!

For now though, apart from flat hunting which takes more time than you think, heres to my final full summer in the land of smog!!


Gan Canny, Graduation 2015!

I mean who doesn’t enjoy the day you get to pretend you are an extra on the set of Hogwarts. The past three years have seen three graduations and three free buck’s fizz’s to keep my Granny happy. Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 13.30.06

Seeing many faces for the final time, kind of cements the fact that uni is done and helps in the process of moving on! A card I receive stated that ‘Graduation is not the end it is the beginning’, so cheers to that! Having your family on campus is a surreal feeling as they sit and sip coffee’s leaning on a pool table which you used often as a make shift beer pong! The ceremony went swiftly even in my ‘i need to be a lady’ high heels, I managed to avoid face planting the stage and remembered to go in with the right hand for the handshake. A splendid day with family, topped off by a few splendid gins, with my fave pals, led to an unpredictable and unforgettable end.

Gan Canny, or go carefully to you and me the motto of the NCL graduations didn’t even last me 24 hours as I missed the last train home! Well I blame the national rail app actually who knew that it required internet to update and inform you of cancellations. All of the rational thoughts that should go through your mind in such a situation failed to do so, and the fact that a taxi all the way home would only cost £40 was an out of bound action to me because the fear of having to create awkward taxi man chat for a whole hour was unbearable.

No longer did my student card expiring in September secure me an extra three months of student discount but it allowed me to still have 24 hour access to my studios. With my phone dead, a strike of genius I returned to campus to charge my form and stop Mama Hez from a heart attack consequence of my non-return and tell her I was staying at a friends. I then  shoeless, yeah sack the lady likeness when you can no longer feel your 3rd toe, headed back to the station. The walk down against the crowds who had, had a few too many too early and were all converging towards the 24 hour McDonalds put a smile on my face, chuckling away to myself this experience cemented to me that perhaps it is time to move on, Newcastle wont change but my place here is not one of being a student anymore and my future awaits.

Upon arrival at the station with shoes in hand, probably looking like some lost drunk, a ‘can I help you madam’, allowed me to meet the comical ancient station master, turns out I wasn’t the only one who missed the last train and in a small office with two other we sat and chatted over a hot chocolate until the first train back at 5:25am.

Newcastle, its been my pleasure!!!

Tequisal, a Saturday night tradition!

Yes, its so divine, it deserves it own blog post! A regular feature of my Toon life, a plastic pint cup half filled with cider, half filled with larger with a splash of blackcurrant and a shot of tequila added in for good measure.


My first Saturday back home, unaccompanied from the water polo gals, it was time to show my Dad and his pals in the local social club what they had been missing! An activity that dad’s head was no so fond of the next day!

So Long, Farewell!

Okay, so this whole finishing uni and moving on thing, is yeap just as difficult as it sounds. Or perhaps as difficult I have made it sound! As if saying goodbye to your friends isn’t hard enough, me being the sentimental type means I have to say goodbye to all of my favourite places. Giving me a valid excuse to spend the remainder of my student loan on cocktails till sobbing about the fact that I will never ever get another student loan!

Packing things into boxes, taking photos down from the walls left an empty, plain neutral coloured room. Squeezing all my belongings in to boxes and bags, I discover things that I had convinced I had lost, not that I am complaining I did become quite attached to my ‘100 best dance moves’ book. Filling cases it became apparent that the fifth year haul of freebies was first-rate, making me come to the realisation that I should have started packing prior to the day before move out day! Getting everything into the car, was like playing a real life game of Tetris, having to constantly restart over and over!


Closing the door on my university life, it hadn’t quite sunk in that I was no longer a inhabitant of the toon! Meaning uni pals were no longer on my doorstep, suggesting that friendships are no longer about being inseparable, but about being separated and nothing changes. I value the fact that I have experienced something so valuable, that it has made saying goodbye so difficult!!

Well Newcastle, I’ll be seeing you in a wee bit pet!

Blog Blunders!!

Its expectation now, that technology should be easy to understand, without asking any questions! I however at the age of 23 probably fit the same mental category as my parents when it comes to resolving just the smallest of technical faults!

Hence why for a month and a bit more, my blog posts have been gathering dust in a word document! But after fiddling around, I managed to resolve the consequence of previous fiddling around and return the capability of posting!!

So here’s to the return of happy blogging!!

(Oh and an overload of blog posts over the next few days!)

Eye’s Down

Bingo, an activity undertook as part of the bucket list, did not disappoint! Who knew the most popular OAP sport would provide such excitement and absolute complete panic! Walking into a hall  with my three fellow bandits, we took a plunge into the unknown and decreased the average age by at least twenty years.

Petrified we had sat in a regulars seat and were about to get turfed out of our new patch by a shove in the back from a walking stick. We quickly came to understand the bingo lingo of ‘sweating’, not because we were anywhere near winning, but because we actually had no clue what the hell was going on. After about fifteen minutes into the session and three games deep we had cracked it, keep up, stay shh and cross your fingers. Hooked!

The excitement when you are sat staring at your card and there is only one number left, is actually, well, indescribable. Tuesday evenings in the bingo hall, are crawling with professionals, in fact, beyond that experts, we didn’t stand a chance! But the time we spent in there was hilarious and actually unforgettable, its easy to see how people become addicted.

Also who knew, when going to bingo there is no guarantee that your actually going to win. Although there was one benefit to this, there was no reason to shout, the prospect of shouting ‘bingo’, loud in a large room full of die hard bingo rockers was one that sent shivers up my spine!

I do now, however, feel like I have had sufficient practice to look forward to a life of gambling post 80.

So watch out, Gala Byker, we will be back, dabbers in hand!

Pail Plan, Whey Aye Man!

As you can tell I ain’t taking the whole leaving Newcastle thing wholly in my stride, the idea of leaving my stomping ground and the lovely people I associate with it behind is contributing to a developing fear of the unknown. So as the big move South was confirmed, the ‘Bucket List Bandits’ were born.

Bucket ListMy friends, well they had no choice in the matter, a list, which was ever-growing was to be completed before I parted ways with the Toon. Acting as a highlight reel of just what is on offer, the list became the device which enabled weekly time to be set aside for adventure, overcoming the group’s inability to make decisions. Aims and ambitions not written down are solely just wishes, and wishes, well don’t get me started I am still waiting for the unicorn that my 6th birthday extinguished candles promised me. Providing us with ambition and focus the list has cemented me with precious memories and experiences of my last few months in Newcastle. As well making it completely acceptable to spam pal’s with multiple messages (no guilt tripping of course) regarding meeting up, because we have to do it, it’s on the list, there is no possible satisfactory excuses!!

It soon became apparent that it wasn’t what was written on the list that was of high importance, but it was the how things were completed that provided fulfilment. Which was ultimately dependent upon those that I had shared the experiences with, sharing experiences with my three fellow bandits has allowed for a collection of laughs and smiles. Spending time together in turn has strengthened friendships and made the prospect of moving that ever bit harder. So staying for that extra drink on a school night and missing the last metro home was completely worth it.

Building a collection of memories the ‘Bucket List’ has contributed to the creation of a living legacy, that can be remembered, revisited and relived as a collective group in the future. Which provides validation to bombard the Bandit’s with multiple messages about the numerous reunions I have pre-planned for the remainder of forever!