Page 28 of 365… 

Saturday, without a shadow of a doubt my favourite day of the week! Up early and off to gym, with one of my number one gal pals, how very productive! Although I did leave my hydrate m8 water bottle behind, how very annoying! 

Train journey with a Leon, that’s perfection if I could ever define it! I headed up to Manchester for a mini post Christmas reunion with the home friends, exciting! Theme everyone needed a feather boa, of course yellow was my first choice! 

After catch up nibbles and a bottle of fizz we ended up in The Fitzgerald a speakeasy which was super cool and cutesy, fairy lights, the lot! Shortly after our first two drinks Manchester literally ate us and spat us back out! Turns out when a good song comes on it’s an excuse for people to throw glasses, which leads to brawls and unsuspected groups being literally trapped in no mans land! I mean I was totally oblivious when I came back from the toilet why the dance floor was like a scene from Game of Thrones!

This unfortunate, is being in the wrong place at the wrong time, sadly, ended up with a five hour wait in A and E and the primary school teacher of the group having four stitches in her face. Now, how she will explain that to the kids beats me! 

Things get worse, when we eventually do get home a pal decided to ring for a pizza….which didn’t even turn up!