Page 71 of 365…

Waking up three in a bed after four hours sleep probably wasn’t the best preparation for my first ever post two hour cycle ride. But, I made it I was up and out the house time! 

Met my two fellow cyclists (Wiggins Angels) and we were off on our way London to Windsor. New saddle on and staying in place, check. We started well, slightly off track and a little in the wrong direction but we were still progressing west. We found our way to the Thames Path and though from then on in the ride would be a breeze, oh how wrong we were! There was a massive regatta on the Thames and the cycle path was busier than the northern line at Clapham Common at 8am on a Monday morning. After about fifteen minutes battling through we made a decision to re-route, turns out in the midst of finding a new route and unbeknown to use we had managed to cross the Thames. After a three hour diversion off route and experiencing the delights of Uxbridge, yeap Uxbridge, we eventually found ourselves on the home straight! 

Que catastrophe number three, a squirrel decided to launch from the hedgerow into my front wheel, twice! Don’t panic luckily he ran away unharmed albeit a little stunned. So about three and half hours later than expected we made it to Windsor just in time to see the street lights get turned on! 

What better way to celebrate than with a fiery ginger beer (alcoholic of course) on the riverbank. After celebrations ceased we got the train back, after England’s rugby win there were a number of very happy fans! This made for an extremely interesting journey involving meeting randomers from Middlesbrough and acquiring a yellow bowler hat! 


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