Page 63 of 365…

Friday, and what better way to spend it than on a train up to Newcastle! Train journeys offer the perfect opportunity to catch up on all the work you have been putting off. Ideally you won’t have to endure having a nosey old bugger next to you peering over the every note and sketch you scribble. 

It’s the smell of Newcastle Train Station that gets me everytime, that familiar smell which I relate with home and my favourite people! Strolled up into the uni past the SU and under the arches towards the infamous Claremont Tower. It was amazing to be back catching up with everyone I kinda forget I had to actually give a lecture to 198 students! After starting with a shakey hand I pretended I was Beyoncé and preached it. The students didn’t even fall asleep, now that’s a score for a Friday afternoon. 

Took advantage of the SU drinks and then was reunited with two of my best toon pals. I get way too excited upon returning to Newcastle I am talking about dribbling noodles all down a white dress, kind of excited. It’s a good job the boys know me ha! Ended up in one of our favourite watering holes The Lady Grey, I mean we tried to be sophiscated and drink red wine but it ultimately ended in tequila shots. 

Stumbling up Northumberland Road in the pouring rain cemented the fact that I was truely at home! So I suppose it’s okay to shed a happy emoshinal fully sentimentally fuelled tear induced by tequila of course HA! 


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