Page 58 of 365…

Woke at a fairly decent time for Sunday, 9am to get cracking on a presentation I am due to give back at uni on Friday. Got that sudden shit your pants feeling when you realise you should have started working on something way before now. 

Que beginner cyclist duties, testing out the commute to work! Roped in a friend, planned a route and even took the cages off my pedals, I mean I thought I was well prepared. 

However, finding your way to work when you typically spend 80% of your commute underground is extremely difficult. I thought writing the road names and a ‘L’ or ‘R’ after then to indicate which way to turn was an ingenious idea, until it rained. With no data on my phone and after we had managed to find ourselves circling Oval for the sixth time, yet to cross the river in pitch black we called it quits. Really must work on my navigation/knowledge of the local area skills. 

Sunday night pancakes and ginger beer (alcoholic of course) were the perfect way to end the weekend. However, cycling home in the rain, after overeating numerous pancakes, up a steep hill isn’t the most pleasant experience. 


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