Page 50 of 365…

So Brunch at 11am didn’t happen, Deliveroo to the rescue, Fat Hippo burgers delivered to the door. If that isn’t the dream I don’t know what is! 

A very chilled, typical student day spent with the waterpolo gals was the perfect way to end Old Boys Weekend! Packing to go home and the circle of hugs was a stark reminder I have a vey different life to the one I once had in Newcastle. I suppose the only way to define it would be probably just standard adult life, it’s just a shame it isn’t as ridiculous as student life! By no means do I mean it is terrible just if I could minus the fact I have to go to work that would be ideal! 

Very interesting train journey back. The lady next to me greeted me with ‘Hi I am really hungover so if you want out just give me a nudge’ then proceeded to drink four mini bottles of wine before we hit Peterborough! But hey what makes you bad makes you better right?

Sunday night blues x100, thank god for the bag of chocolate nibs hidden in my case I forgot about! 


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