Page 49 of 365… 

Waking up with twenty minutes to get ready and guess what I forgot my toothbrush! Thank god the girls know us all too well and pre bought a multi-pack of toothbrushes! 

We all headed to LaserQuest, something I never experienced as a child. Within an instance I was on -89 points, I mean I even tried hiding behind barrels and crawling through tunnels. Cue, change of tactics run around like a headless chicken firing the gun in all direction, oh fancy that I was up to +230 points. 

Headed to the classic that is Ozzy Road, Jesmond for a few bevy’s with the boys before a Tesco boose run and pre’s! Fell hard, face first back into student life and I bloody love it! Second night out, clinging on in there, I mean where else on a Saturday night in Newcastle would you end up other than Flares. Cue emotional hugs throughout the classic closing tune, Hey Jude! Don’t let this weekend end! 


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