Page 48 of 365… 

I can’t actually describe in words how nice it is to wake up and not go to work! Mum, Dad and I went for a walk, got to get them FitBit steps in somehow! We headed up to Captain Cooks Monument, before getting lost on the way down! 
Picked up Granny and headed for fish and chip Friday, absolutey delicious. Had Granny on my bed dancing to the classics on Spotify whilst I got ready for Newcastle! Hit me up Newcastle Uni Waterpolo Old Boys Weekend! 

Stepping off the train in the toon and I felt straight at home! Back with all the gals, drinking home made cocktails that tasted horrific and dancing to Mike Posner, living the dream! We of course ended up in town, que the trebles! Two trebles and a jäger bomb for a fiver, oh Newcastle how I have missed you! 

We met up with the boys and it was just like nothing had changed! Sneaked our way into the VIP and danced till closing! You know when the lights come on and your still out it’s been a good un. Que the after party and a massive catch up. Your know your a winner when you bagsie the arm chair when there is 12 people trying to find sleeping space, absolute winner! 


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