Page 42 of 365…

After I would say at least two hour research and an extra £50 off the price of my dream bike I decided today would be the day I took the plunge and just bought it! 

Hats off to the chaps in Decathalon who helped a truely novice rider out! After about two hours of building the bike to the perfect fit, I walked out of the shop bike in hand, filled with excitement! A few laps of the park to get use to the bike and I was off cycling home! One small issue with cycling, you need one hell of a good sense of direction, I mean within about five minutes I was completely lost! But hey I suppose that’s kinda the fun of it! 

Home in one piece, survived my first solo cycle in London. Note to self, google how to actually use the gears correctly having them on hardest setting (not quite sure of the technical term yet!) going up Lavender Hill was not ideal! 

A night in, staring at my new bike, who goes by the name Bella and a bag of crisps whilst watching Catch Me If You Can. Whoever said buying things can’t make you happy is wrong, when it involves a new bike, I am thrilled! 


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