Page 37 of 365…

Monday, survived work, almost enjoyed it, probably because I got to leave at 17:31pm as my boss wasn’t in! Headed over to the Olympic Park and straight in the Lea Valley Velopark, I mean I am taking this cycling thing seriously ha! So much so, I only went to use the one mile outdoor track – que research straight bar or drop bar handled bike. 

One issue, torrential rain, I mean of course I braved it just went the wrong way  on the track for about half a lap, such a tit! Felt like I was flying on a road bike!  I knew, after physically ringing water out of every item of clothing (including knickers) and saw my face that wouldn’t be out of place in Clockwork Orange, that cycling is perhaps just for me, an escape into the unknown! Just got to remember always back brake first haha! And pro’s please be kind, god loves a trier and I’d appreciate it if you could pass wide and slow! 

And apparently if you get too wet, your toenails can fall off, quote from fellow cyclist and best friend (one of, don’t fancy getting shot) Chez! Shout out to Becky too, the third and final member of Wiggin’s Angels 🚴🏼‍♀️! 


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