Page 35 of 365… 

Took the plunge, it’s official signed up for the London to Brighton, British Heart Foundation cycle! I mean it’s totally realistic to go from complete novice to the female version o Wiggins in five months right?!? 

First stop, Saturday morning gym, even if it was to make use of the free Milton Brown shampoo ready for my night out haha! 

Middlesbrough FC vs Tottenham, cue the fifty minute travel to an industrial estate car park to spend a few hours with some fellow smoggies and enjoy a parmo! Yes, yes maybe I did only go for a parmo (and if you haven’t heard of it, google it, it’s a life changer), but it was so worth it! One Mile End brewery and Parmstar, I’ll be back next away match! Boro got unlucky, well they lost 1-0 cause of a penalty, but I am glad that was the only goal! I mean I can even describe the offline rule after three pints, dedicated fan over here! 

Continuing my lad-ish day I headed to watch the rugby, for a second I thought I was in for two loses in one day, talk about cutting fine England! 

Headed to the Castle, Tooting, a great pub, south of the river for drinks with the girls. I mean of course it did end up in Infernos but it wouldnt be a Saturday if it didn’t! 


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