Page 31 of 365…

Work, mehhhhh?!? 

Boss: ‘Why you so quiet, are you busy?’ 

Me: ‘Yes, you know I am f**king busy you have pied me off all your work, whilst you have sat and played Star Wars (to be fair, good game choice) on your IPAD for the past seven hours’ (OF COURSE THIS WAS SAID ALL IN MY HEAD)! 

Leaving work and the day behind, I got stuck mid tunnel on the Victoria line, an electrical fault! I mean it was quite exciting, sat in the dark, the driver making announcements saying he was too hot and me having the time to beat my high score on Subway Surfers! 

But I was forty minutes late for the pub quiz, which we smashed, our best yet, second place! I mean it only people listened to my suggestion of the three types of lift weight lifters are required to do, we would have won! I mean trust me guys I am a serious body pumper now you know! Hahaha! 


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