Page 53 of 365…

Up early for a site visit, would haved helped if I had gone to the correct place. Got off the train and stepped outside the station, couldn’t work out where I was on the map at all. Cue, google as back up, thank god you still can access GPS without data. Upon pressing the my location button it zoomed right out of the downloaded area of the site and about three towns to the east! SHIT! 

After eventually making it to the correct town the site visit went well and killed just over half of the working day. Back to the office, back to reality! Post 7pm finish means one thing tomato soup for tea ha! 


Page 52 of 365… 

Still shattered haha! Survived work a little easier today, my boss even offered me a Flake, declined though, healthy eating massive! Makes a difference though when your boss is nice though!

Pub quiz Tuesdays for the win, well we actually finished joint second and lost the tie breaker to end in third. Lovely evening with the Foxmore ladies! 

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Never have I felt this tired, plus I didn’t get a seat on the bus ha! It’s the little things on a Monday morning. All I could think about all day was crawling back into bed and that is what I did after I eventually got home from work! 

A full packed weekend kills me off now I am 25, OLD! 

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So Brunch at 11am didn’t happen, Deliveroo to the rescue, Fat Hippo burgers delivered to the door. If that isn’t the dream I don’t know what is! 

A very chilled, typical student day spent with the waterpolo gals was the perfect way to end Old Boys Weekend! Packing to go home and the circle of hugs was a stark reminder I have a vey different life to the one I once had in Newcastle. I suppose the only way to define it would be probably just standard adult life, it’s just a shame it isn’t as ridiculous as student life! By no means do I mean it is terrible just if I could minus the fact I have to go to work that would be ideal! 

Very interesting train journey back. The lady next to me greeted me with ‘Hi I am really hungover so if you want out just give me a nudge’ then proceeded to drink four mini bottles of wine before we hit Peterborough! But hey what makes you bad makes you better right?

Sunday night blues x100, thank god for the bag of chocolate nibs hidden in my case I forgot about! 

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Waking up with twenty minutes to get ready and guess what I forgot my toothbrush! Thank god the girls know us all too well and pre bought a multi-pack of toothbrushes! 

We all headed to LaserQuest, something I never experienced as a child. Within an instance I was on -89 points, I mean I even tried hiding behind barrels and crawling through tunnels. Cue, change of tactics run around like a headless chicken firing the gun in all direction, oh fancy that I was up to +230 points. 

Headed to the classic that is Ozzy Road, Jesmond for a few bevy’s with the boys before a Tesco boose run and pre’s! Fell hard, face first back into student life and I bloody love it! Second night out, clinging on in there, I mean where else on a Saturday night in Newcastle would you end up other than Flares. Cue emotional hugs throughout the classic closing tune, Hey Jude! Don’t let this weekend end! 

Page 48 of 365… 

I can’t actually describe in words how nice it is to wake up and not go to work! Mum, Dad and I went for a walk, got to get them FitBit steps in somehow! We headed up to Captain Cooks Monument, before getting lost on the way down! 
Picked up Granny and headed for fish and chip Friday, absolutey delicious. Had Granny on my bed dancing to the classics on Spotify whilst I got ready for Newcastle! Hit me up Newcastle Uni Waterpolo Old Boys Weekend! 

Stepping off the train in the toon and I felt straight at home! Back with all the gals, drinking home made cocktails that tasted horrific and dancing to Mike Posner, living the dream! We of course ended up in town, que the trebles! Two trebles and a jäger bomb for a fiver, oh Newcastle how I have missed you! 

We met up with the boys and it was just like nothing had changed! Sneaked our way into the VIP and danced till closing! You know when the lights come on and your still out it’s been a good un. Que the after party and a massive catch up. Your know your a winner when you bagsie the arm chair when there is 12 people trying to find sleeping space, absolute winner! 

Page 47 of 365…

Thursday, the new Friday, oh how I love a four day week! Left the office with a spring in my step, one because I was off home, two because I got stuck at the office and had to dash for my train! 

I thought travelling on a Thursday would be less hectic than a Friday, however apparently not!! People stood in the aisle for the whole journey, thank god for seat reservations! Although, you can’t pick who your going to sit next too, trust me to get the guy who was eating left over curry, followed by three boiled eggs! The smell of the curry was super spicy I mean let the eye watering commence! 

Arrived home to my Mum and Granny waiting on the platform, one of my most favourite sights! Treated to Gran’s toast, it tastes like no other (she uses proper butter) before a night in my own bed, perfection!