Page 17 of 365…

I don’t know about Blue Monday, more like Blue Tuesday… it was one of those days where you don’t even have time to refill your water bottle or do a tea round! There is only so much one human can do and consequently only so many trees one can draw in a single day! 

Thank god for pub quiz Tuesday’s at The Lighthouse Battersea, thinks were on the up we were recognised as a regular team and finished in fifth (second all time best). The jackpot round where everyone is equal involves an estimation question this weeks, how many Spanish pensioners does the NHS cover (bearing in mind the Spanish Heath system covers 70,000 British OAPs) our guess of 100 was not far wrong, 81!! For the first time ever we made it to the higher of lower round, think Bruce Forsyth and a pack of cards! You only need to get five cards, higher or lower right in a row, we didn’t even get one, god damn you number five for being the first card! Next week, we will be back! 


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