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New Years resolution – makes Sunday evenings more fun to avoid the blues… well.. Flip Out, Trampoline Park, Wandsworth certainly ticked that off! 

Stepping through those doors transformed me into a child, I mean you could bounce off the floors and the walls for a whole hour, all for the bargain price of £12 (and get a super snazzy pair of socks).

Albeit, I probably spent most of that time trying to get out of the foam pit. Tip: Don’t act the cool kid and try for ‘max air’ (yeap I learnt the lingo) when jumping in the foam pit, it only makes it impossible to get out, resulting in your friends taking a 1minute 40second video with cries of laughter for background noise.

We went to the later session, which was ideal it was full of big kids (aka. fun adults). Great workout too, the Fitbit went mental! I would highly recommend, I mean there was no time for the Sunday Blues I was knackered! 

PS. Your body makes shapes you never thought it could! But that is probably also the reason I couldn’t walk Monday morning! 


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