Day 11 of 365…

The 5am wake up call was definitely a shock to the system, imagine having to get a nightbus as part of your commute to actually start work, I know…absolute madness! 

6:30am on the train to Leeds for a site visit, que the crazy! Turns out trying to do a site visit, take photos and mark up plans in gale force winds, is no easy task, especially when it involves canal paths! It was very touch and go, I mean I nearly ended up in the canal more than twice! 

Accompanying the wind was the chill factor, which a £1 pair of Primark’s finest gloves just couldn’t stand up to. In fact I was colder in Leeds than I was in New York last month! 

Ended up in a square taking photos until there was a large cracking noise and I witnessed an ancient tree that was framing my photo pretty nicely fall to the ground within a couple of seconds! The wind was quite frankly bonkers!


Eight and a half hours, 27,149 steps and 11.7 miles later I am finally sat on the train returning to London, dreading how I am going to de-dreadlock my hair before work tomorrow! However I shouldn’t really complain a day on site beats a day in the office, hands down! 

Now get me home, bathed and into bed! 


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