Day 9 of 365…

7am body pump, the solution to avoiding the hangover, you literally sweat gin! Monday morning, a tube strike, with all zone 1 stations closed now that is a problem, an extremely large scale problem!

Working from home was not an option as I had meetings. After eventually getting on a bus, even securing a seat the inevitable happened, those infuriating words ‘the destination of this bus has changed’ … que back up plan, oh wait there literally isn’t one! 

2hours 45minutes, 4 buses and and a sprint later, I made it to the office! I at least got half a days half graft in before it was time to head home. So far I am an hour in on an overcrowded bus with three extremely angry people and a soaking wet dog at my feet, I say I still have at least three quarters of my journey to go! 

Never have I ever missed the tube so much in one day, every bus stop has a crowd at least six deep and Kings Cross, well don’t even go there! The torrential down pours are just the icing on the cake when it looks like my only option to get me home before 9pm involves a thirty minute walk! All I want is bed and back to back episodes of My Crazy Ex Girlfriend! 

The only good thing about today is I got to ride on something that belongs in the London Transport Museum! 



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