Page 2 of 365…

Probably one of my most hated days the post Christmas journey back to London. The day that’s sets the family into a mild panic as they ask if I have my train ticket for the 57th time. The day I have to leave my Mam and Gran stood on a train platform as I whizz away back down south!

As usual the train was full, so full people and cases occupy every inch of space and getting to your reserved seat is out of the question! I mean I am surprised I got to London in one piece. After such a traumatic experience I didn’t even debate getting the tube with two rucksacks and a large  suitcase, uber yet again saved me (note: New Year’s resolution get less Uber’s). 

But the two and a half hour train journey did give me the opportunity to write a list of never ending New Year’s Resolutions that typically, have previously only been maintained for a week (if that!). But, this year I just have a feeling I am finally ready to change my ways! As I grow older and hopefully wiser I am beginning to realise the huge importance of health and happiness…and that happiness isn’t always found in a mega bag of pickled onion Monster Munch!

So 2017 hit me I think I am almost ready to adult and by that I mean gym it three times a week, actually do a food shop and stop drinking WKDs on Bluesday Tuesdays! Although with the return to office looming,  I am allowed one last treat right?!? 


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