Summer Madness 

At the start of the year I was sent into a mild panic when I realised 23 days holiday a year didn’t stretch far enough to meet my travelling ambitions. I mean when you subtract at least 5 days for Christmas, holiday planning is  like trying is like trying to solve a rubric’s cube with your eye’s closed! 

Perhaps at 24, by now I should have learnt to prioritise or just stop saying yes to everything. But then again that would be boring wouldn’t it? The decision was made within five minutes to start summer with a whole week off (such a luxury) then subsequently work three/four day weeks to allow for a number of shorter trips and pretend August would be one long holiday. 

Some would describe the fact that I have spent five days in Dubrovnik, a day exploring western Montenegro, a day in Mostar; Bosnia and Herzegovina, three days in Copenhagen, four days in Budapest and four days in Lagos in the past five weeks as absolute madness! However once accepting I wouldn’t  be saving any wages between June and September and the fact I now class supermarket whoopises as a best friend I very quickly realised this summer was one of the best yet. 

As I sit on my so called cheap flight (not cheap when you get them weekly) back to London the only thing keeping the smile on my face is my ice cold Fanta Lemon!As the thought of returning to work tomorrow to my first full five day week in four weeks is quite frankly sickening! 

But I do have one last trick up my sleeve for bank holiday weekend…after all it would be rude not to (visit one of my favourite places)!