Just Another Grad in A Very Large City

Unless, your super organised, know exactally what you want from life, when at uni your thoughts don’t really go beyond the next night out and planning your weekly fancy dress outfit. So to me a graduate scheme was the thing that, well when you are a graduate, then you have got to do it. Realising you have a job well in advance before you start, kind of makes you forget what you have signed up to, resetting your body clock for the 9am starts is the first obstacle.

I find myself paniking every night setting six alarms on three diferent devices just to make the 9am start. Living in London, you become just another rat in a very large race,  but there is something about it, working in London, rushing around is exciting! Crazy at times, and if you ever end up on a nightbus midweek then there is no other word to describe it other than hellish!

September in London, is like ‘Back to School’ but adult styley, everyone frantly refers to CityMapper, looking for alternative routes to avoid being late in week three. As I am sorry I didnt manage to get on the first five tubes due to overcrowding does not stand alone as a valid excuse, but just a typical morning. I take comfort in sharing the tube carriage with fellow grads, those with shiny new shoes and keys still kept on a tabbard cause your still clinging to the desperate memory of halls, provide a recognisable comfort.

Its commical to think, that out of the lectures you did attend and the ones that werent purely bullshit, you have learned a real life profession.  Providing dolla to fuel the weekends which you come to live for! I am counting down the days till I get my first pay check, I see it as the seal of confimation, offically and adult!

But us grads, we have a way to go, in the dog eat dog world of real life, we are at the bottom of a very large food chain. They aint no time for that mid-week sambuca and learning London etiquette, is a step in the right direction. So to the young man who proclaimed loudly to the tube carriage on a Monday morning, ‘has anyone got any scissors’, who caused alarm after realising he had left labels on his new suit, your not cool. But, there is comfort us grads are in it together, here to all take London by storm, even if that is in the form of ending up in Infernos on a weekly basis!