So Long, Farewell!

Okay, so this whole finishing uni and moving on thing, is yeap just as difficult as it sounds. Or perhaps as difficult I have made it sound! As if saying goodbye to your friends isn’t hard enough, me being the sentimental type means I have to say goodbye to all of my favourite places. Giving me a valid excuse to spend the remainder of my student loan on cocktails till sobbing about the fact that I will never ever get another student loan!

Packing things into boxes, taking photos down from the walls left an empty, plain neutral coloured room. Squeezing all my belongings in to boxes and bags, I discover things that I had convinced I had lost, not that I am complaining I did become quite attached to my ‘100 best dance moves’ book. Filling cases it became apparent that the fifth year haul of freebies was first-rate, making me come to the realisation that I should have started packing prior to the day before move out day! Getting everything into the car, was like playing a real life game of Tetris, having to constantly restart over and over!


Closing the door on my university life, it hadn’t quite sunk in that I was no longer a inhabitant of the toon! Meaning uni pals were no longer on my doorstep, suggesting that friendships are no longer about being inseparable, but about being separated and nothing changes. I value the fact that I have experienced something so valuable, that it has made saying goodbye so difficult!!

Well Newcastle, I’ll be seeing you in a wee bit pet!


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