It’s the Final Countdown!

Start date for grown up job officially received!! Finding a house, updating my wardrobe from uni scruff bag to work-place acceptable are just the start of my to do list! I suppose I have always been the same I never am actually convinced things are going to happen until they actually do! Sometimes excitement is often overcome by the prospect of delving into the unknown, a new job, a new home which is currently of an unknown location makes people instinctively braver maybe more than they may believe.

Each step taken now is another one confirming the commencement of adult life, beginning to discover answers to life questions and realising that change cant be something that is easily learnt, but is a part of the on-growing process to betterment. The thought of re-packing my belongings in to an array of boxes is currently causing me the most concern. And the thought of even saying goodbye to the dog, well don’t even go there, who is going to finish off my muller yogurts now!

For now though, apart from flat hunting which takes more time than you think, heres to my final full summer in the land of smog!!


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