Gan Canny, Graduation 2015!

I mean who doesn’t enjoy the day you get to pretend you are an extra on the set of Hogwarts. The past three years have seen three graduations and three free buck’s fizz’s to keep my Granny happy. Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 13.30.06

Seeing many faces for the final time, kind of cements the fact that uni is done and helps in the process of moving on! A card I receive stated that ‘Graduation is not the end it is the beginning’, so cheers to that! Having your family on campus is a surreal feeling as they sit and sip coffee’s leaning on a pool table which you used often as a make shift beer pong! The ceremony went swiftly even in my ‘i need to be a lady’ high heels, I managed to avoid face planting the stage and remembered to go in with the right hand for the handshake. A splendid day with family, topped off by a few splendid gins, with my fave pals, led to an unpredictable and unforgettable end.

Gan Canny, or go carefully to you and me the motto of the NCL graduations didn’t even last me 24 hours as I missed the last train home! Well I blame the national rail app actually who knew that it required internet to update and inform you of cancellations. All of the rational thoughts that should go through your mind in such a situation failed to do so, and the fact that a taxi all the way home would only cost £40 was an out of bound action to me because the fear of having to create awkward taxi man chat for a whole hour was unbearable.

No longer did my student card expiring in September secure me an extra three months of student discount but it allowed me to still have 24 hour access to my studios. With my phone dead, a strike of genius I returned to campus to charge my form and stop Mama Hez from a heart attack consequence of my non-return and tell her I was staying at a friends. I then  shoeless, yeah sack the lady likeness when you can no longer feel your 3rd toe, headed back to the station. The walk down against the crowds who had, had a few too many too early and were all converging towards the 24 hour McDonalds put a smile on my face, chuckling away to myself this experience cemented to me that perhaps it is time to move on, Newcastle wont change but my place here is not one of being a student anymore and my future awaits.

Upon arrival at the station with shoes in hand, probably looking like some lost drunk, a ‘can I help you madam’, allowed me to meet the comical ancient station master, turns out I wasn’t the only one who missed the last train and in a small office with two other we sat and chatted over a hot chocolate until the first train back at 5:25am.

Newcastle, its been my pleasure!!!


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