Freckles, An Excuse for Abuse!

I suppose it comes hand in hand with being a ginger, the confirmation that you will never rock a natural tan!! Still clinging to the hope that a bronzed look can be achieved by numerous freckles merging together, plastered in factor 50 still didn’t prevent sunburn and the throphy of a peeling nose.

Freckles, they supposedly give people a valid excuse to transform your arm into a dot to dot. However when your freckles can be modified to the formation of the Greek flag, you instantly become a greek thrýlos (greek for legend). Every cut, scratch or scab that I have ever had is highlighted greatly when my freckles make an appearance as they avoid those spots, to leave splurges of white, so that time I face planted the floor whilst playing curby at the age of 8 will always be very apparent. But to a Greek, freckles are something to be intrigued by and even earn you a watermelon for breakfast at the small cost of allowing a picture of your forehead to be taken!!


The worst part is upon leaving a holiday, you can’t leave the freckles behind, they last for about 3 weeks even in tropical temperatures of Thornaby. Upon boarding the plane home, the air hostess did the usual welcome aboard, then decided to make it like a scene out of  Gossip Girl, where Queen B stamps all over your parade. ‘Oh there is a slight delay today, counting your freckles will pass the time’, erm yeah thanks, great!my dreams of a sun-kissed glow shattered by nothing like someone stood there in perfect makeup to which I am only jealous. As any shade of foundation is no longer suitable or capable of muting the so called (by my mother of course) ‘angel kisses’.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’am off the find some shade.


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