Pail Plan, Whey Aye Man!

As you can tell I ain’t taking the whole leaving Newcastle thing wholly in my stride, the idea of leaving my stomping ground and the lovely people I associate with it behind is contributing to a developing fear of the unknown. So as the big move South was confirmed, the ‘Bucket List Bandits’ were born.

Bucket ListMy friends, well they had no choice in the matter, a list, which was ever-growing was to be completed before I parted ways with the Toon. Acting as a highlight reel of just what is on offer, the list became the device which enabled weekly time to be set aside for adventure, overcoming the group’s inability to make decisions. Aims and ambitions not written down are solely just wishes, and wishes, well don’t get me started I am still waiting for the unicorn that my 6th birthday extinguished candles promised me. Providing us with ambition and focus the list has cemented me with precious memories and experiences of my last few months in Newcastle. As well making it completely acceptable to spam pal’s with multiple messages (no guilt tripping of course) regarding meeting up, because we have to do it, it’s on the list, there is no possible satisfactory excuses!!

It soon became apparent that it wasn’t what was written on the list that was of high importance, but it was the how things were completed that provided fulfilment. Which was ultimately dependent upon those that I had shared the experiences with, sharing experiences with my three fellow bandits has allowed for a collection of laughs and smiles. Spending time together in turn has strengthened friendships and made the prospect of moving that ever bit harder. So staying for that extra drink on a school night and missing the last metro home was completely worth it.

Building a collection of memories the ‘Bucket List’ has contributed to the creation of a living legacy, that can be remembered, revisited and relived as a collective group in the future. Which provides validation to bombard the Bandit’s with multiple messages about the numerous reunions I have pre-planned for the remainder of forever!


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