Eye’s Down

Bingo, an activity undertook as part of the bucket list, did not disappoint! Who knew the most popular OAP sport would provide such excitement and absolute complete panic! Walking into a hall  with my three fellow bandits, we took a plunge into the unknown and decreased the average age by at least twenty years.

Petrified we had sat in a regulars seat and were about to get turfed out of our new patch by a shove in the back from a walking stick. We quickly came to understand the bingo lingo of ‘sweating’, not because we were anywhere near winning, but because we actually had no clue what the hell was going on. After about fifteen minutes into the session and three games deep we had cracked it, keep up, stay shh and cross your fingers. Hooked!

The excitement when you are sat staring at your card and there is only one number left, is actually, well, indescribable. Tuesday evenings in the bingo hall, are crawling with professionals, in fact, beyond that experts, we didn’t stand a chance! But the time we spent in there was hilarious and actually unforgettable, its easy to see how people become addicted.

Also who knew, when going to bingo there is no guarantee that your actually going to win. Although there was one benefit to this, there was no reason to shout, the prospect of shouting ‘bingo’, loud in a large room full of die hard bingo rockers was one that sent shivers up my spine!

I do now, however, feel like I have had sufficient practice to look forward to a life of gambling post 80.

So watch out, Gala Byker, we will be back, dabbers in hand!


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