Newcastle, It’s Been Pure ‘Bobby Dazzlin’

I divvin’ want to gan!
(Newcastle, It’s Been Amazing, I don’t want to go)

Well, for the past five years the ‘toon’ has significantly contributed to the extension of my double chin, a penny-less purse at the expense of copious amounts of Sambuca shots and provided a ‘pure belta’ (fantastic) experience.

The fact that as of yesterday I can no longer call myself a student, absolutely bloody terrifies me! I mean apart from the fact that I cant justify my next Topshop purchase because students get an extra 10% off for a limited period only, I have to pack my life up into boxes and face the reality of real life.

Who knew it was possible to acquire so many things! Being ruthless when packing, is not a viable option. I mean it is totally unacceptable to even consider throwing away the Gok Wan mask acquired back in second year, because that was the night that you discovered Sinners had an upstairs!

The actual achievement of a degree has been positively overshadowed by the life long friendships secured, the unpredicted experiences and just how impressive it is to attend more than one 9am lecture per semester. Which in turn, makes the tassle on the graduation cap totally worth the hassle of finding out just what it is really like to live in the library!

So, with no more work or assignments and a two week stint left in Newcastle, let’s raise a glass to engaging only in conversations which consist of ‘I will miss you, did I mention that I would miss you, no seriously I will miss you’!


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