Getting Down With the Kids

A blog, an idea I have dabbled with for quite a while. Finally I have took the plunge, be-friended technology and ‘got down with the kids’. I now ┬áhave my very own blog!

But why does such a crazy place that is the world wide web need to know exactally what I get up to?

That is a question, I can’t quite exactly answer! However I strongly believe everyone needs a place to record, remember and relive things.

I am a huge fan of lists, life lists, lists of ambitions, plans and adventures. Planning, kind of comes naturally to me, well after studying Town Planning for the past five years I should hope it does! Even though the best memories are often made my accident, as a dreamer, lists at least provide me with the happy illusion of order. Creating a forethought of good intentions, writing things down is the first step in making them happen!

So here it goes, heres to happy blogging!