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First time I was let loose out of the office for a meeting, exciting times. I thought was in for a good day until I got back to that hell hole! I left at half five on the dot, I couldnt care less. 

So, St.Patricks day, probably the only day of the year my drinking habitats are truely acceptable. Headed into central with the gals and started sippin on the Guinness! Lovely evening full of laughs and Irish flags. I headed over to Cafe Sol, Clapham, classic to meet my Battersea gals we had a little boogie and I even managed to keep my Irish hat all night, result! 


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Work isn’t even worth mentioning, I mean who even starts a briefing at quarter to six! 

But moving on, Junkyard Golf, Brick Lane a super fun week night activity. We did the Bozo round, circus/clown themed. When you get a luminous pink golf ball your know your on to a winner. I started off slow , last place for the first four holes, then made the ulimate comeback, I am talking hole in one and everything. Mini golf champion, a title I will carry wit pride ha! Post golf munchies, we ended up going for a curry on Brick Lane (my first ever!). Super yummy and super cheap and apparently Chris Martin’s restaurant of choice in London. I mean I wasn’t going to question the photoshop skills used on the image in the window showing him dining there haha! 

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Pub quiz day, cycled there and got there quicker than being on the bus, score! We lacked form tonight finishing in third! It was even quite flattering that the team we were marking thought Lorna (aka me) was Superman’s childhood sweetheart. Our luck changed on the Brucey’s Play Your Cards Right three cards in with four to go a King came out after a Queen and that was our dreams shattered. 

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I woke up and… could actually move, every bone, joint was perfectly fine except my collarbone! But I could move which was a good thing and meant I was in top form for bottomless brunch. 

My first ever bottomless brunch certainly didn’t disappoint. Bad Egg, Moorgate delivered processo on tap and a three plate brunch. I opted for two savouries and a sweet, absolutely delicious. Of course the fun didn’t end there we spent the afternoon in Bounce playing ping pong. Highlight the table reservation was for Lopez Pier, turns out the northern accent strikes again cause I am pretty sure that ain’t ma name haha! Also I am actually terrible at ping pong even my pals were embarrassed! 

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Waking up three in a bed after four hours sleep probably wasn’t the best preparation for my first ever post two hour cycle ride. But, I made it I was up and out the house time! 

Met my two fellow cyclists (Wiggins Angels) and we were off on our way London to Windsor. New saddle on and staying in place, check. We started well, slightly off track and a little in the wrong direction but we were still progressing west. We found our way to the Thames Path and though from then on in the ride would be a breeze, oh how wrong we were! There was a massive regatta on the Thames and the cycle path was busier than the northern line at Clapham Common at 8am on a Monday morning. After about fifteen minutes battling through we made a decision to re-route, turns out in the midst of finding a new route and unbeknown to use we had managed to cross the Thames. After a three hour diversion off route and experiencing the delights of Uxbridge, yeap Uxbridge, we eventually found ourselves on the home straight! 

Que catastrophe number three, a squirrel decided to launch from the hedgerow into my front wheel, twice! Don’t panic luckily he ran away unharmed albeit a little stunned. So about three and half hours later than expected we made it to Windsor just in time to see the street lights get turned on! 

What better way to celebrate than with a fiery ginger beer (alcoholic of course) on the riverbank. After celebrations ceased we got the train back, after England’s rugby win there were a number of very happy fans! This made for an extremely interesting journey involving meeting randomers from Middlesbrough and acquiring a yellow bowler hat!